How I Beat Emphysema & COPD in Six Weeks Review

How I Beat Emphysema & COPD in Six Weeks!” – Review

Contributor – Sean Leonard

How I Beat Emphysema and COPD in Six Weeks!” is an e-book that shares the story of a man, Jim, who remarkably beat emphysema and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) over 20 years ago. Jim’s doctor, who had given him just 6 months to live, was shocked when Jim returned just six weeks later appearing healthier than ever. After doing some tests, his doctor exclaimed, “Whatever you’ve been doing – keep it up! You’re lungs are 70% clear!”

Jim and the others who witnessed his dramatic recovery, credit this alternative, natural treatment for extending his life by, now, over 20 years. (It was the only thing Jim changed in his lifestyle; and, incredibly, he never quit smoking.)

Jim says had he not done this treatment, he would never have known his seven grandchildren; and they would have known Grandpa only by pictures and stories. Not only did Jim gain the gift of longer life to know his grandchildren, he had the energy and strength through the years to actively enjoy them.

People who smoke or care about a smoker, especially those who are concerned with getting emphysema/COPD or may have been diagnosed, will likely be inspired with some hope from Jim’s story. His story is told in an enjoyable, down-to-earth manner. Jim admits there was one side-effect of this treatment, however … his arthritis disappeared, too. What a “side-effect!” Jim adds.

Readers will get the detailed treatment Jim and others have used. They will also gain solid information as to the credibility of the natural substance and treatment and diverse sources to support it. Apparently, this substance, forms of this treatment, experiments and/or many successes have been well-documented in mainstream medical and scientific journals.

As the e-book reveals other sources of successes, Jim is not a one-time success of this treatment. The treatment he used has been used successfully by thousands of people for a variety of diseases and health conditions, including emphysema,  COPD and arthritis.

Jim’s story is only a portion of the e-book. Though millions of people have in the last decade or so begun to seek out alternative and more natural approaches to health and healing, readers will be thrilled at the strong and diverse supporting information about the treatment. Readers will also learn where to obtain the substance, the detailed treatment,  and gain further information, some sound reasoning for the value and validity of alternative medicine, and the free bonuses are needed by everyone (most everyone will suffer from at least one of these ailments or injuries, or at least know a loved one that will).

I have read this e-book and believe readers will be impressed with its information and credibility.

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